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Grindarbotnsþjálfi - Joyballs secret

Grindarbotnsþjálfi - Joyballs secret
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Vörunúmer: grindarbotnsþjálfi
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Joyballs secret, grindarbotnsþjálfi.

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Joyballs help you increase sensation in your pelvic floor by allowing you to actively train it. Even when gymnastic training of the pelvic floor alone has failed owing to an inability to feel the pelvic floor muscles, the combined training with Joyballs can provide the desired success. Joyballs – for prophylactic training, therapy, or simply for pleasure.

Why should I train my pelvic floor muscles?
It  is  important  for  women  to  have  strong  and  healthy  pelvic  floor  muscles,  as  these  keep  the  bladder,  uterus,  and bowels in their proper position. The stronger the muscles are, the better they are at performing this task. There are various  things  that  can  cause  a  weak  pelvic  floor:  pregnancy,  giving  birth,  menopause,  excess  weight,  and  other physical stresses, such as certain types of sport.

Through training, the pelvic floor muscles can be strengthened and their weakening prevented. The muscles can be trained prophylactically during pregnancy in order to make both the birth itself and the subsequent recovery shorter and easier. For many women, it is equally important that regular training heightens sensation during sex.

Even if you already have problems with or pain from your pelvic floor, training can help ease these. With pelvic floor training, you can counteract problems such as bladder weakness (incontinence) and prolapses.

How do I train with Joyballs?
Gently insert the Joyballs into the vagina (like a tampon). The application of a lubricant (e.g. AQUAglide) makes insertion and training easier, particularly if the vagina is dry. The Joyballs should be positioned deeply and almost vertically, with the cord facing downwards (the Joyballs secret feature the innovative integrated retrieval tab). A single training session should last up to 10 minutes. Training can be performed either standing still or when walking around. Two daily training sessions of up to 10 minutes should be sufficient initially. Once you can hold the Joyballs for over 10 minutes without problems, you should increase the duration of training and combine it with gymnastic pelvic floor training.

How do the Joyballs work and how do I use them?
When  you  first  begin  with  the  training  and  your  pelvic  floor  muscles  are  as  yet  untrained,  the  Joyballs  work  on  a „bio-feedback“ principle – a type of reflexive reaction from the muscles. Each ball contains a weight, which reacts to the movements of your body. Owing to their own weight (and the ergonomically adapted design of the Joyballs secret),
the Joyballs try to slip out – which your pelvic muscles try to prevent. The contractions during a training session function like those performed during strength training with weights. Moreover, the balls inside the Joyballs oscillate against the outer wall with each movement. Thanks to an innovative integrated „trampoline effect“ (for which the Joyballs secret are especially optimised), gentle „kinetic vibrations“ are set in motion, which both encourage your pelvic floor muscles to contract and relax and provide you with stimulation.
Just as with other forms of training, pelvic floor training can leave your muscles feeling sore. – You should therefore be careful not to train for too long initially, instead gradually and continuously increasing the duration of training.

What are the Joyballs made of?
For even greater safety and comfort, our easy-to-clean Joyballs are manufactured using silicone that is both hypoallergenic and clinically and dermatologically tested (Silikomed is used for the Joyballs secret).

How do I clean the Joyballs?
You can considerably increase the durability of the Joyballs by treating them with care and keeping them clean and free from bacteria. Warm water and soap are sufficient for cleaning your Joyballs (both before and after use) – though we recommend you use clean‘n’safe for cleaning, general care, and disinfection. Store your Joyballs in the accompanying storage pouch till their next use.

What else must I be aware of?
Unless told otherwise by your doctor, the Joyballs should not be used if you are suffering from a vaginal infection, recovering from a wound (e.g. following an episiotomy), or have any similar complaints. Following pregnancy, they should only be used after consulting your gynaecologist or midwife.

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Grindarbotnsþjálfi - Joyballs secret
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Grindarbotnsþjálfi - Joyballs secret
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